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West Virginia Public Health Sanitation Division


The West Virginia Office of Environmental Health Services was involved in assisting local health departments in areas struck by the May 2002 flooding.



Pictures from McDowell and Mingo counties.
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Road slips damaged water and sewer lines throughout the flooded areas.
Housing site set up by FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers in Anawalt, McDowell County after last year's flood.

There are about a dozen mobile homes located on this site.  There are already several sites like this one in McDowell county.

Sewage issues were addressed by installation of a package plant at this housing site.

Long-term temporary housing sites, like one of the two Anawalt locations shown above, are under development. Housing site in Premier under development.  Located on a reclaimed strip mine site, this development will support over 100 trailers.

Utilities being installed at the Premier Mountain housing site.

Individual lots are laid out with water and sewer risers.

Wastewater from the Premier site will be treated by two package plants.  Each plant is rated at over 20,000 gallons per day.

View of treated water discharge side of package plant.