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West Virginia Public Health Sanitation Division


The West Virginia Office of Environmental Health Services was involved in assisting local health departments in areas struck by the May 2002 flooding.



Pictures from McDowell and Mingo counties.
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Ritter Hollow was one of the most devastated areas in McDowell County.

Oozley Branch near Bradshaw.


Ritter Hollow

Flooding in Mingo county.

Damage to a building in the Premier area.

Ritter Hollow.  House no longer on it's foundation, bridge washed out.


Ritter Hollow.  Foundation washed out, two-story home, yard and all washed away next door.

Three mobile homes smashed together on Panther Hollow.

Panther Elementary school, water three to four feet high.

Mobile home in Mingo county.


Metal septic tank and exposed sewer lines.

Below Welch, in Havaco, there was major damage to a section of Route 103.


More pictures from the May 2002 Flood