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West Virginia Public Health Sanitation Division


The West Virginia Office of Environmental Health Services was involved in assisting local health departments in areas struck by the May 2002 flooding.



Pictures from McDowell and Mingo counties.
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The WV Department of Highways and the Army National Guard quickly brought in 15 potable water tankers where water service was disrupted.
 Sanitarians' duties included checking the chlorine levels in these potable water tankers. 
Clean gallon jugs and caps were left with the tankers.  Unfortunately, they were not always stored in a sanitary manner.

Spigot in valve box of DOH water tanker.  Several health concerns here, trash bags and hoses.

Fill valves in the valve box of DOH water tanker.  Hoses used and cap storage/use were health issues looked into.

Portable showers were setup in the areas around the county without water service. 

Water tanker & plastic water storage/pump tank.

Pump and pressure tank used with the portable showers.

Generators power the portable showers, and allow for the luxury of air conditioning.

Port-A-Jons were brought in across flood damaged areas until sewage systems are repaired.

Temporary housing sites have been and are currently being developed for victims of the May flood.   

Temporary housing site on Panther hollow.  There are over 20 travel trailers at this location.


Sewage was addressed here by installation of main collection lines behind each row of trailers.


More pictures from the May 2002 Flood