The Office of Inspector General, by impartial evaluation, investigation and reporting, seeks to ensure the
integrity of department programs and operations including the fair, accurate and nondiscriminatory
delivery of benefits and services to qualified state residents.

Common Chapters

The Common Chapters Manual provides information of general interest to the Department and to the public.

The Common Chapters Manual was updated in 2008 with several sections being deleted. Due to these deletions, there are gaps in the numbering sequence to ensure that references made prior to 2008 still apply to the correct section.

Interim Inspector General

Jolynn Marra

Executive Assistant

Debi L. Calabrese

General Counsel



Kari Preslar

Contact Information:

State Capitol Complex

Building 6, Room 817-B

Charleston, WV 25305

Phone: (304) 558-2278

Fax: (304) 558-1992