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WV DHHR - OMCFH - Newborn Hearing Screening - Why Should My Infantís Hearing Be Tested?

Newborn Hearing Screening - How Is The Test Performed?



There are two types of equipment used to evaluate babiesí hearing. Your baby may have one or both of these tests. In the first test, Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), your baby will hear a series of clicks through a small ear plug. A computer measures the echoes that return from the ear. The test is done when your baby is quiet and should be finished in a matter of minutes.

The second type of test is an Auditory Brainstem Response test (ABR). In this method, the baby hears a series of clicks through small headphones and the screener measures your babyís response to the sound. Both of these tests are very safe and will not hurt your baby.

The results of the test will be reviewed with you and sent to your babyís primary care provider.

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