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WV DHHR - OMCFH - Newborn Hearing Screening - Diagnostic Evaluation

Newborn Hearing Screening - Diagnostic Evaluation


  1. Families of all infants who do not pass the screening tests are to receive information about why further evaluation is necessary. In addition, the primary care provider, with consent by the family, must arrange for diagnostic evaluation to occur. Right From The Start Program will also contact the parent(s) to facilitate follow-up.

  2. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the range, nature, and degree of hearing loss and communication functions by use of medical and audiological procedures.

  3. Additional referrals for medical, audiological, and other services may be necessary for habilitation of children with hearing loss, and all efforts should be coordinated with the primary care provider. Right From The Start personnel will act as care coordinators, linking the infant/family to support, such as Early Intervention (Birth to Three), Ski*Hi, Children with Special Health Care Needs, etc. as appropriate.

Note:  To be used by hospitals and primary care providers.

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