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Newborn Hearing Screening - What If My Baby Does Not Pass The Hearing Screening?

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If your baby does not pass the first screening test, the screener will attempt to repeat the test before your baby goes home or you will be contacted by the baby’s doctor to arrange a repeat test. If your baby does not pass a screening exam, the primary care provider caring for the baby and the personnel from Right From The Start Program will be in contact with you to schedule diagnostic hearing testing for your infant.

If, for some reason, your baby’s hearing screening is not done at the hospital, you will be contacted by a Right From The Start representative and/or the baby’s doctor to schedule an appointment for your baby to be screened.

The screening and the follow-up for children requiring diagnostic work-up is paid for by some insurances and Medicaid. Additional assistance may be provided through the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program.

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Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health

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