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Newborn Hearing Screening - Babys Hearing Checklist

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The following checklist will give you some general guidelines to help you detect a hearing problem early.


0 - 3 months startles to a sudden loud sound
  soothes or calms to your voice
3-6 months turns head or moves eyes to find a familiar voice
  plays at making noises and sounds
6-10 months begins to understand common words like no and bye-bye
  responds to his/her own name

10-15 months

repeats simple words and sounds that you make
  points or reaches for familiar objects

18 months

follows simple, spoken directions
  regularly uses 7 or more understandable words

24 months

understands you when you call from another room
  points to body parts when asked
  begins to speak in 2 word combinations like Mommy more!

If you are concerned about your childs hearing, call your primary care provider or call the Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health at 1-800-642-8522.

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