State Systems Development Initiative

The West Virginia Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health (WVOMCFH) needs to expand data integration capacity and improve data collection to support better reporting of health data of women of child bearing age that will drive programmatic decisions to improve the health outcomes of infants.

Evaluation of the SSDI/OMCFH Project will be based on the development, implementation and completion of the established objectives and as the measurement of performance measures becomes reality. Increasing data capacity infrastructure allows us to assure identification and access to care for at risk populations including children with special health care needs. Progress will also be monitored based on established time frames and completeness of collected Program data.

In West Virginia, the quantitative and qualitative collection, analysis and use of public health data are critical elements of effective problem solving and are fundamental to the development of an infrastructure to address women’s and children’s health problems at the state and local levels. Data analysis must continue to be a central component of West Virginia’s efforts to identify maternal, child and family health needs; design appropriate program interventions; manage and evaluate those interventions; and monitor progress toward achieving the Healthy Children 2020 objectives. The ability to access policy and program relevant information and data, consistent with Health Systems Capacity Indicator #9(A), is West Virginia’s primary goal.



Randall Patrick, MCDBA, MCSA
Director - OMCFH Database Management
Project Director - SSDI
350 Capitol Street, Room 427
Charleston, WV 25301-3714
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800-642-8522 in WV