Newborn Screening


State law mandates testing on all newborns in West Virginia to detect mental retardation and other severe health hazards, regardless of income level or status of health insurance coverage. Tests are conducted for Phenylketonuria (PKU), Hypothyroidism, and Galactosemia. Tests for Sickle Cell are conducted on a voluntary basis, if the parent requests the test. All positive tests and subsequent follow-up are completed by this Project, to ensure adequate intervention is provided.


Components: v Specimens are obtained and sent to the Bureau for Public Health’s laboratory for testing. All of the tests are performed on the same specimen.


v The Newborn Screening Project is responsible for tracking all positive specimens to ensure appropriate intervention is provided in collaboration with the child’s primary care physician.


v The Newborn Screening Project purchases and distributes specialized synthetic formula required for PKU treatment to all patients free of charge. The formula is distributed by the OMCH Materials Management unit, which is responsible for inventory safeguards.