Targeted Population


Individuals identified by the Family Support Specialist for pre-employment preparation services are eligible to participate in the initiative.


Individuals identified by the Family Support Specialist will be issued a referral authorization, see enclosure, which activates services by the provider of clients choice, if the provider has agreed to participate in the DHHR administered program, as evidenced by a signed provider participant agreement.


MCH will receive a copy of the above service authorization and will monitor patient accounts, since clients may jump from provider to provider. If a change in provider occurs, MCH will notify all parties of the lifetime benefit remaining so as not to exceed the maximum benefit ceiling.


Services authorized are those contained in the signed participant agreement, and the Department of Health and Human Resources/OMCH, will not pay for service provided patients/clients that exceed the assigned service limits cited in the agreement.


Targeted population may not access Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for services outlined in the Pre-Employment Services Initiative Agreement.


Individualized expenditure reports portraying health account activities for persons receiving dental care will be sent to the dentist serving the patient when the expenditure reaches 75% of the maximum spending allowance.


Clients who complete the course of care as designated for pre-employment (dental/vision) or expend the lifetime benefit ceiling without concluding care, will receive notification that care has concluded. In addition, the Family Support Specialist identified in the care authorization will also receive notification as outlined above.


Service Provider Listings


A list of participating providers for dentistry and vision care can be accessed through this website.