Monitoring/Quality Assurance Unit


v Quality assurance is a monitoring process that focuses on identifying and helping resolve important health care and system delivery problems. Itís very presence has an impact on patient care outcome and the utilization of resources. By monitoring a providerís resource structure, diagnostic workups, treatment plans, and results, management is provided information that assists when quality improvement decisions are being considered.


v Analysis of outcome and utilization does not concentrate on the individual, but on trends established by monitoring a series of events. The primary focus of this analysis is cost reduction and quality improvement. Monitoring can also improve patient care by:


ō providing consistent comparative information about provider facilities and clinical staff concerning how they treat different medical problems and their success rate;


ō identifying the most successful treatment strategies through statistical analysis of confirmed information; and


ō assessing the performance of the providers using nationally recognized, established standards of care.


v Technical assistance is provided by program specific staff to resolve any areas of non-compliance, with written follow-up and corrective plans initiated until resolution.