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Safe drinking water is critical to our health and everyone wants to be assured that the water they drink is safe, especially for children, the elderly, and others who may be sensitive to the contaminants found in water.  The mission of the Environmental Chemistry Section is to provide the highest quality of analytical testing to identifying drinking water quality issues.  


The Environmental Chemistry Section provides trace metals and inorganic chemistry laboratory support to the Office of Environmental Health Services, County Health Departments and the Pediatric Fluoride Program.  Additionally, drinking water from Public Water Systems and private household wells are routinely tested.





To better serve the public, drinking water sampling kits can be obtained by telephone (304-965-2694), or faxing a bottle request form.  For Dentists who wish to participate in the Pediatric Fluoride Program, sampling kits can be ordered from the Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health (304-558-3417).




            The Office of Environmental Health Services, Compliance and Enforcement Section, monitors and regulates Public Water Systems for various chemicals and contaminants for potential health risks.  The Environmental Chemistry Section offers the service of an Automatic Bottle Shipment, for water samples to be collected and tested for the purpose of regulatory compliance.  When enrolled in the Automatic Bottle Shipment Program, a drinking water sampling kit will be mailed automatically at the requested date to eliminate the problem of last minute testing to stay in compliance.  .  




The completed report is mailed back to the customer and, as an added service for samples marked “regulatory compliance”, a copy is mailed to the Office of Environmental Health Services and to the District Office at no additional cost.  If after receiving a laboratory report there is a question, just give our office a call and one of our qualified technical staff will gladly interpret the results.      


Listing of West Virginia Certified Drinking Water Laboratories




Analyte Listing – Testing services provided by the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory for SDWA regulatory compliance purposes and individual household wells.


Sampling Instructions – Instructions for sampling of environmental contaminants in drinking water to meet EPA SDWA compliance monitoring.


Drinking Water Contaminants Listing – An EPA listing of regulated contaminants and their potential health effects from exposures above the Maximum Contaminant Level and common sources of contaminants.





 Drinking Water Fluoridation – CDC’s National Water Fluoridation Program.


Private Drinking Water Wells – Information and Resources provided by the EPA to educate owners of private drinking water wells. 


Local Health Departments by County/Area in West Virginia – List of County Health Departments.  


         Individual Water Supplies – General information concerning drilling or modifying drinking water wells.





            Environmental Chemistry Sample Identification Form – A required form that must be completed by the customer and accompany the sample bottle.


            Environmental Chemistry Bottle Request Form – To request a test kit please complete this form and Fax or mail to the Laboratory. Please call if you need guidance in choosing a test.


            Pediatric Fluoride Bottles – This Link will direct you to The Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health Warehouse which provides sampling kits.




Environmental Chemistry Section
Ph. 304-965-2694
Fx. 304-965-2696

Gregory Young
HHR Program Manager I

Chief Certification Officer - Chemistry

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