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Drinking Water Laboratory Certification Program

To protect the United States drinking water supply from potentially harmful contamination, Congress in 1974 passed the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The SDWA includes a requirement that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implement a Laboratory Certification Program. States with primacy are given principal enforcement responsibility to ensure that public and private laboratories that test drinking water for compliance purpose are meeting and maintaining the requirements for certification.


Public and private laboratories certified in the State are inspected triennially by a team of Certification Officers, each experienced in their respective discipline. Additionally, laboratories must maintain satisfactory participation in proficiency testing water studies each year. The water studies validate the laboratories ability to successfully process and analyze a sample following an EPA approved methodology.



Microbiology                       Chief Certification Officer (304)558-3530 x2710

                                                Tom Ong         

                                                Certification Officers

                                                Tracy Goodson

                                                Mike Flesher   



Chemistry                             Chief Certification Officer (304)965-2694 x2222

                                                Gregory Young

                                                Certification Officers

                                                Patrick Marchio



List of West Virginia Certified Drinking Water Laboratories

Certification Update Page – Regulatory updates as it relates to Drinking Water Laboratory Certification.


Final Legislative Rule CSR 64-03-13 – West Virginia State Code for the Certification of Laboratories to conduct drinking water test

Corrective Action Form – An outline for submitting a report detailing the corrective actions taken by a laboratory for a failed proficiency testing water study (PTWS) result(s).


EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water – Main Website

Manual for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water – EPA requirements laboratories must meet to analyze drinking water compliance samples.

Analytical Methods Approved for Drinking Water Compliance Monitoring – EPA Listing of approved test methods for the determination of contaminants in drinking water for regulatory compliance reporting

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations – Rules published by the Federal Goverment

EPA Water Science – EPA Office of Science and Technology is responsible for developing sound, scientifically defensible standards, criteria, advisories, guidelines, limitations and standards guidelines under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act


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