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Welcome to the West Virginia Health Alert Network Home Page

The purpose of the West Virginia HAN / CIT Project is to : "design, develop and enhance existing systems for rapid and secure communications, when faced with detection of unusual outbreaks of illness that may be the result of terrorism involving biological or chemical agents. Through HAN / CIT we will build upon our education and training infrastructure to assess skills and competencies, then deliver appropriate training to state and local health department professionals in bio-terrorism preparedness and public health informatics, utilizing a combination of departmental and CDC - sponsored materials. To this end, the state will establish extended electronic communication capacity for rapid response."

OMIS (Office of Management Information Services) for WVDHHR Networking and Technical Support became involved in providing services to the Local Health Departments upon request by the OCRHS (Office of Community and Rural Health Services) through its Health Alert Network / Communications and Information Technology project (HAN / CIT).       

We have completed the initial 3 year project plan.  The focus for continued support has shifted from HAN to the Bioterrorism grant.  98% of the Health Departments in the State of West Virginia are now connected to the DHHR Wide-Area Network (WAN).  OMIS  continues to coordinate the following components for all participating local health departments: 

  • We are currently in the process of determining what sites have faster connections available (Cable, DSL)

  • Additional Data Cabling.

  • Maintaining Network Connectivity and upgrading Communications Equipment for faster connections.

  • Training upon the request of the Local Health Association.

  • New workstation and server installations.

OMIS activity with the Local Health Departments involves, but is not limited to:

  • Provision and administration of DHHR e-mail (GroupWise).

  • Implementation of anti-virus services (Symantec).

  • Operating system security updates.

  • Hardware and software support of equipment procured through the state grant process.

  • Server support for 32 DHHR installed servers in the DHHR domain and for LHDs requiring administration services.

  • Help Desk support.

  • Assistance in establishing the "Equipment Coordinator" role and provision for Equipment Coordinator training.

  • Facilitation of  user training, policy awareness and procedure documentation.

Questions regarding OMIS components can be directed to Dianna Gertz.

Last Updated: October 26, 2007

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