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Free or Low-Cost Birth Control

Choosing a Birth Control Method

The Association of Reproductive Health Professional’s Quick Reference Guide for Choosing a Birth Control Method.


Human Trafficking  PDF

HUMAN TRAFFICKING. These two words are unsettlingly to most people but to the victims they become a symbolic form of a death sentence. Human Trafficking is happening at alarming rate throughout the United States and most people are only aware of it through brief media mention. Most health care providers, social workers , law enforcement personnel, it is something that they may know “a little bit about” but are unaware of any trainings, resources or services that will enable them to deal with the problem when it takes place in their community.  


Patient Resources

The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, which prepared these materials and programs under various grants, is a non-profit educational organization. The booklets are for information only and are not an endorsement of any birth control method. Consult your health care professional for personal advice


Speaking Up:  Study:  Many Victims of Partner Violence Experience Reproductive Coercion

A groundbreaking study released this week sheds light on a little-recognized form of abuse in which men use coercion and birth control sabotage to cause their partners to become pregnant against their wills. The study, published in the January issue of Contraception, finds this kind of reproductive control to be especially common in relationships in which women experience physical or sexual partner violence.





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