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In comparison to the U.S., Marshall County is
Better* Similar Worse*
Unintentional Injuries Cancer - All Causes Diseases of the Heart
Motor Vehicle Accidents Colon Cancer Lung Cancer
All Other Causes Breast Cancer Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Teen Fertility Rate Cancer - All Other Causes Sedentary Lifestyle
Low-Birthweight Births Cerebrovascular Disease Seatbelt Nonuse
Births to Unwed Mothers Pneumonia and Influenza Smokeless Tobacco Use
Late (3rd Tri)/No Prenatal Care Non-Motor Vehicle Accidents
Infant Deaths Obesity
Fetal Deaths Hypertension
YPLL - All Causes Cigarette Smoking
Binge Drinking No Health Insurance, Ages 18-64
Homicide Difficulty Seeing Doctor Because of Cost

* An asterick (*) indicates a statistically significant difference from the U.S. rate.

Health Statistics Center
Office of Epidemiology and Health Promotion
West Virginia Bureau for Public Health Comments

See Introduction for explanation of tables.

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Last updated 08/06/97.