Dear Parents:


On (Date), (Your School Name) will be sponsoring a very special event! In the morning of this date, students will have a series of classes on topics of interest to teenagers today. Some of the topics included are: self-esteem, peer pressure, communication skills, nutrition, friends and friendships, teen pregnancy, sexually-transmitted disease, etc. Every class will be presented by qualified professionals from such community resources as (List Presenter’s Agency’s).


Please be assured that each class your student will attend is appropriate to their age and grade level. In preparing this program, our faculty was sensitive to this issue. However, if you would prefer that your student not attend these classes an alternative learning experience will be provided. Please call the office and tell us if you want us to arrange a different class for your student. We would also be happy to answer any additional questions or concerns you might have regarding this TOPICS FOR TEENS DAY.




(Principal) (Counselor)