An Instructional Program For Adolescent Activities

Students With
Alternative Needs


1.The reader of this module should first meet with the teacher that is willing to serve as the designated teacher. They should discuss:

2.Both the reader of the module and the teacher should go together to approach the church or 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization about serving as fiscal agent. Explain the SWAN Program and agree on how to keep the necessary records for the program and tax reports.

3.The reader should call a second meeting to include (1) the designated teacher, (2) delegate of the champion organization, and (3) a church or nonprofit organization official. Provide enough copies of the SWAN Program module for each person attending. The program should be carefully explained, and if it is accepted, a commitment from all the parties should be made. This meeting also forms the executive committee. The committee should discuss the stores needed for the program, e.g., a discount store, drug store, beauty salon, barber shop, and grocery store.

4.The next step is to recruit the stores. Divide the responsibility among the executive committee. Give each store an example of the store voucher and store instructions. Explain how to use the store instructions to invoice the SWAN account. No formal contract is needed with the stores since they are asked only to invoice the church or nonprofit organization.

5.Also, a meeting should be called between the church or 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization financial officer and the designated teacher to fully explain the necessary record keeping of the voucher system. An example has been provided at the back of the module.

6.The last step is to make the one or two presentations to civic clubs, women’s/men’s organizations and other community groups for the needed donated funds. These organizations often have service funds for local concerns or may be willing to raise money for the SWAN Program. Be sure to leave clear instructions on how to write a check to the special SWAN Program account. To preserve the tax-free donation status, the check should be made out to the church or 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. A separate note should be attached to the check declaring it for the SWAN Program. To avoid problems with the new IRS requirements, the check should not be made out to the SWAN Program, but directly to the church or nonprofit organization.