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Birth Score - Recommendations for Primary Care Provider Management of Infants with a High Birth Score

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West Virginia High Birth Score infants have been found to be at significantly greater risk for poor health outcomes in the first year of life than are Low Score infants and studies of scored infants reveal that the High Score babies who visit their primary care provider regularly have significantly improved outcomes. The recommended primary care management of High Score infants includes the following:

Schedule High Score infant well child visits at greater frequency. The recommended visit schedule is:

Visit # 1 2 weeks of age
Visit # 2 4 weeks of age
Visit# 3 8 weeks of age
Visit # 4 12 weeks of age
Visit # 5 16 weeks of age
Visit # 6 24 weeks of age

If hospital discharge is delayed by two or more days, this schedule should begin at two weeks from date of discharge rather than from the date of birth.

Carefully plot the infant ís nude weight on the Special Growth Chart that is forwarded to you by the Birth Score Office. This Special Growth Chart is designed to detect Sub-clinical Failure to Thrive. Ninety-five percent of infants should not deviate greater than one channel width in two weeks or two channel widths in eight weeks. If deviation is greater than this, there is cause for concern. Aberration from normal should prompt close evaluation for causes of Failure to Thrive.

If you need further instruction for using the Special Growth Chart or need additional information about the Birth Scoring System, please call the Birth Score Office at (304) 293-7302.

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